No regrets

I had heard our  lives described as a circle, to return to the point of one’s beginning, but my own life did not seem nearly so straightforward.  Rather, it was like a tapestry with some unruly threads, some broken, some raveled, most of them not straight and true, but woven with so many, many colors and textures.  A life lived with no regrets or paths not taken is a rich and joyful life even if one must  work through tragedy and the loss of loved ones.

I handcraft jewelry which brings me so much pleasure and joy.  Please visit my jewelry online shop and be wowed by colors and unique designs.




Grapes of Quartz

Grapes of Quartz

This is a pendant of lavender, purple, cream quartz and carved jade leaves or leafs (?). The green wiring looks natural and vine like.


I have opened another shop to sell my jewelry because sales have been slow to non existent so far!  I guess hundreds of thousands of people love t0 design and make jewelry like me.  I have purchased 2 books to help me get my name out there so I am crossing my fingers that sales will pick up eventually.  Meantime, I have read a book written by Patrick Taylor about country doctors in the mid sixties  in a small Irish village.  I just love some of their expressions.  Here are some examples:  Acting the goat means behaving foolishly.  Away off and chase yourself means go away.  Both legs the same length means standing about uselessly.  Call the cows home means be ready to tackle anything.  Drill-the-dome boys mean neurosurgeons.  Falls off the perch is to die.  In the stable means of a drink, already paid for  before being poured.

I hope you enjoyed these as well as I did.  I have enjoyed his  books as they happen in a country so different than where I live.  I don’t enjoy the agony of traveling like so many others, so reading these kinds of books are a real pleasure.  I will travel to Cape Cod, MA, during the summer to watch my grandchildren while their single mother works in her Cape Cod Museum.  The museum is having financial problems like so many other businesses.  It is very humid in the summer, again so different to the dry weather I live in.

Bye for now

Jewels by Wendy at Etsy


I found purple …

I found purple wire to purchase and as a jewelry maker I was pretty excited to make a pair of earrings with it.  It took a long time and lots of wrapping but the earrings turned out really pretty especially if you like purple.  A few violet beads and spacers and voila! ready for sale.  I have gemstones, beads, stone beads dancing around in my head ready to become jewelry.  Green, blue and purple wires twisting around and around making excited and colorful stuff.  I cherish bright colors as they do make one’s world a much better place.  Human beings have been making colors for cloth and jewelry and their homes for thousands of years.  At Etsy, one of the world’s largest shopping internet sites you can find colors in almost every piece of art, clothing, kitchen ware, furniture, jewelry, etc.  I can’t imagine a world without colors.

Please visit my shop at JewelsbyWendy at Etsy.


A big bold Red Jasper pendant and necklace.

A big bold Red Jasper pendant and necklace.

Rich and lively and uniquely for you.


A laugh a day……

Hi Fellow Beings:

My good friend and I occasionally go shopping together and have many wonderful laughs.  When I made a snide remark to her about not being able to take her anywhere, she dipped her head down and turned it away from me just like a child would.  Well, I got a huge laugh from that.  Every time I see her, I feel better.

I make jewelry to sell on Etsy which makes me very proud and happy.  It is my passion and I want to share.  I use brilliant colors, great textures, unusual beads, beautiful gemstones in silver, black and antique bronze wire.  I have been told my prices are very affordable.  I mail orders out the following day.  You can reach my store at Jewels By Wendy at Etsy.  I would love feedback, especially the good stuff! 

The Daily Post

I suffer from menu anxiety (among many other minor neuroses). Although an ice cream shop or a restaurant may offer dozens of appealing options, I’ll more often than not order something familiar (some variety of chocolate ice cream, some mixed enchilada platter) because doing so spares me the anxiety of choosing.

Sometimes we confront a similar anxiety in writing. Questions such as the following are common:

  • What should I write about?
  • What tone or style should I adopt?
  • What genre should I write in?
  • What should my piece’s point-of-view be?

If you find yourself having trouble actually putting words on the page because you’re neck-deep in questions like these, it can sometimes be oddly freeing to impose constraint on yourself.

For example, if a poet chooses to write in a rhyming poetic form, he’s automatically limiting the set of words he can use, so that while he is in one way…

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